Things on Cowboy’s Head No. 112


Things on Cowboy’s Head No. 112: This isn’t Cowboy. She’s on a break, but here is another of the cat herd: Fergus. She’s fine most of the time, but boy howdy. Does she get crabby if you disturb her during her nap time. (Witness the evidence above.)  Fergus does not join in the “Things on her Head” project. Obvs.

Editor’s Note: Regular programming with Cowboy will be resumed next week.

Background Note: Cowboy is one of our cats who showed up out of the blue one snowy January day three years ago. Since then, she has made us her Forever Home (which works with us). She is big and friendly and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She naps a lot (Olympic-level) and she eats a lot.

All of which helps with this ongoing project I have going on…

It’s called “Things on Cowboy’s Head” and I am just seeing what I can balance on the top of her head when she’s amenable to that. It’s been fun so far, and she seems quite happy to play along. (She just moves when she doesn’t want to participate.)

(Cowboy’s posts are all gathered in one spot on her own blog.)

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