Things on Cowboy’s Head No.116


Things on Cowboy’s Head No. 116: Large plastic peg.

Cowboy had been coughing and so we finally bit the bullet, bought her a crate that is big enough for her (as opposed to making her look like a just-fed tick in a wire cage), and off we tootled off to the vet.

Oh. My. God. It was a never-ending and tense visit due to me being unable to communicate with Cowboy that she wasn’t going to instantly die right then in the examination room and that the vet wasn’t going to kill her.

Who knew that cats dribble when they’re stressed out?

So – she’s fine, physical-health-wise. However, I am pretty sure that it was enough to give Cowboy PTSD, and I don’t know that she’ll get to the vet any time soon after this visit. She’s working on giving me forgiveness for this evil transgression.

(Plus the kindly vet called her “overly conditioned” which is a nice euphemism for being… <whispers whilst covering Cowboy’s ears with my hands> rather round, shall we say?)

(Plus – get this: Cowboy is actually closer to being ten years old. I had thought she was around six or so, but ten? OAP status.)

Moving on to happier topics…

Background Note: Cowboy is one of our cats who showed up out of the blue one snowy January day four years ago. Since then, she has made us her Forever Home (which works with us). She is big and friendly and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She naps a lot (Olympic-level) and she eats a lot.

All of these points are helpful with this project that I have going on…

It’s called “Things on Cowboy’s Head” and I am just seeing what I can balance on the top of her head when she’s amenable to that. It’s been fun so far, and she seems quite happy to play along. (She just moves when she doesn’t want to participate.)

(Cowboy’s posts are all gathered in one spot on her own blog.)

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