Catch-Up Time…



So, thought I’d give you a looksee into the inner circle of the life of Just One More Page. It’s fascinating, let me tell you. 🙂

book372Finished up a quick (and must admit rather forgettable) read of “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson. I remember it being hilarious when I read the first time, but this time, meh. (And that’s the risk you run with rereads, I think.)

So – ok read but no need to put it up on the TBR pile any more. Out the door with you, Bill.




We’ve been sucked into the fantastic BBC/Netflicks series called “Peaky Blinders”, a series that follows some Birmingham (UK) travelers who form an organized crime network that grows and grows and grows… The actors are great, but let me give a warning about the accents: Americans may well need subtitles until you get the hang of it. Truly – this is riveting stuff and it would be very very easy to binge-watch this series. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a summer TV series.


vivian_meierWhen my sis visited me, we ended up watching the documentary “Searching for Vivian Maier” which is truly an intriguing story about a young man who buys a box of negatives and photos in an auction. Opening the box, he finds some high-quality photographs so, curious to know more, he follows the clues to who the photography was. The journey leads to a nanny who took more than 100,000 street photos, but kept them all private. Who was this person and why did she keep the photos secret?

(Along with this detective trail, the question is also raised that since the nanny/photographer is now dead, do we actually have the right to show her photos without her permission? Interesting…) My sis and I are contemplating going to Arlington to see an exhibition there of her work…

Anyway, a fascinating look into a very private person…

And then I’ve been doing some cross-stitch. I had put it down for a while and then picked it up again. Sucked in as usual (which is rather fun)…What’s up in your world?


4 thoughts on “Catch-Up Time…

  1. I’ve been participating in a reading challenge (20BooksOfSummer) which started well but now I’m stuck in an excellent but massive book of social history and a turgid Salman Rushdie. Lots of running and yoga, no crafts, a fair amount of eating and some despair about the state of the world. Think that sums it up!

    • A good solid mix there! I am also in despair about Orlando, but I’m trying to keep in mind what Mr. Rogers (Neighborhood guy) once said, “Look for the helpers.” Saw that you were reading the Kynaston and am interested to see how you fare. I have one as well (Austerity Britain), and they are rather *large*. I know it will be good, but size-wise, I’m having to psych myself up to pull it off the shelf since it’s a Scary Big Book (SBB). 🙂

      • Oh, no, the Kynastons are AMAZING, they’re full of social history and gossip, he takes all the sources almost day by day, so you might get a review of a play from the papers and one from a diarist who went to see it as a normal member of the audience, a political diary about an event and a snippet from a later famous entertainer’s experience of that event. Highly, highly recommended, they just take a while to read. I gave up on the Rushdie, though!

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