Catching Up…


Well, another weekend slips by the goalie…

It was a good one, though, with a really enjoyable blend of friends and solo time and hanging out in general.

Friday, I took the afternoon off to spend some time at the annual FoL book sale which was really fun. I do this each fall when the group has their biggest sale, and so I just puttered around the basement of the library exploring their shelves and seeing what little gems I could uncover. This year, I spent most of my time looking through the shelves of non-fiction more than fiction (mainly because I had lost my list of book authors (thanks to the new iphone update) and so couldn’t actually remember anyone’s name that I had thought I would be interested in. Sigh.)

So, instead, I roamed around the non-fictions and the short story and drama shelves quite a bit and picked up some interesting titles there. I have a pic for you (along with the list of titles), but that will have to wait for another day. However, I do think it’s a good stack for future reading choices and I’m thinking about which title to start with… Anyway, more to come.

It was a strangely cool weekend for here in Texas (“cool” being quite relative: it was 70’s instead of 90’s) and I even broke out my favorite jumper (sweater) from winter storage. I *adore* cooler temperatures, and so with the falling temperatures happening close to the first day of autumn (last Thursday in the U.S.), this was a big treat for me. More to come, I’m sure…


A friend called up and invited me to see the latest Bridget Jones movies (“Bridget Jones’ Baby”) which was wickedly funny in places, some of which went unacknowledged by most of the West Texas audience (i.e. I was the only one guffawing at some of the English-based jokes), but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. If you’ve enjoyed the other Bridget Jones movies, then you’ll probably enjoy this one. More of the same, really, except the titular character is a bit older now. (Aren’t we all, I might ask in a rather sage tone of voice.)

We went over to our friends’ house for some tasty veggie lasagna and home-made bread (nom nom nom), and ended up having great conversation for the rest of the evening – one of our favorite ways to spend time, I think. Volunteered at a local triathlon (which is always really good fun although not a big fan of getting up that early really). I used to do marathons and triathlons, and appreciate that most of the logistics are handled by volunteers, so this is one of my ways of giving back to the local community.

And then holding my breath with the upcoming Presidential Debates tonight. I’m all out for Clinton (because how could you be the alternative, really?), and I’m always making sure that my younger college friends know how to register and vote. This election is going to be all about the numbers, more so than other years, and I changed my whole citizenship (from UK to US) just so I could vote, so obvs very important to me. I hope it is to you as well (if you’re in the US), and that you’re helping your young friends get registered and understand the voting process (however you’re choosing to vote).


I’m also getting pretty psyched to think about our upcoming visit to England to see friends and family over there. Trawling around the net (as one does), I came across the info that if you’re a UK citizen* (comme moi), you can ask your local MP (Member of Parliament) for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Houses of Parliament.

As I’ve never actually been there, I thought it would be fun and so contacted my MP who has come through and got us one of these special tours. (My mum is a constituent in his district, so I just hopefully sent his office an email a couple of weeks ago asking for the tour availability.) I have no idea what to expect, but it should be interesting all the same. Other items on the list of things to do in London are hang out with my big bro and his family, go to a play (DH is in charge of that), and then also have dinner with our favorite Uncle Peter and visit the Royal Mews. And no doubt there will be a visit to a bookshop or two. 🙂

And so it’s now back to Monday. Finished up a couple of books over the weekend, so reviews to come. Meanwhile, it’s autumn in West Texas, it’s below 90 degrees outside, and things are fabulous. I hope they are fabulous wherever you happen to live as well.

  • Yes, I know that I just said that I had changed my national citizenship from UK to US, but what that really means is that I added the U.S. citizenship without having to renounce the UK one. (That would have been pretty hard for me to do, even at this point in the game.) Even though the US only recognizes one citizenship at a time (i.e. one can only use one passport at a time), I still get to stay British/English (and in British official circles) at the same time as holding a US passport. Thus, I actually have two passports for the two separate countries, and I’m still a British citizen (in British official eyes). To American officials, I’m only American, but unless I travel down to Houston (where the nearest UK Embassy is) and renounce my citizenship, I get to keep the British one. See? Clear as mud.

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