Bookish British Talk…



We had a great trip to England, and among other things, managed to bring back a few books. (Naturally!). So, without ado, here is the list of those who made the cut to travel the Atlantic:

(Left  bottom to top):

  • I Never Knew That About London – Christopher Winn (NF – history)
  • In Xanadu: A Quest – William Dalrymple (NF – travel)
  • Human Cargo – Matthew Crampton (NF – history)
  • How to be a Victorian – Ruth Goodman (NF – history) – bought before I left
  • I Can’t Stay Long – Laurie Lee (NF – essays)
  • The School at Thrush Green – Miss Read (F)
  • Friends at Thrush Green – Miss Read (F)
  • Crimson Snow: Winter Mysteries – Martin Edwards (F – short stories)
  • The Orchid House – Phyllis Shand Allfrey (F)

So, quite a restrained list for an avid bookie, right?

I had thought that I might get more time to read, but we ended up being either really busy and/or tired, but it was great fun all the same. I did finish up “A Man Called Ove” which was extremely charming and I can’t wait to tell you about it (if you haven’t already heard about it). (There’ll be a review of it soon.)

Did visit a few bookshops, but to be honest, we spent a lot more time wandering around London and Bedford, and just enjoying the scenery and people-watching. 🙂

More deets about the trip to come, because I *know* how interesting other people’s vacations/holidays can be! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bookish British Talk…

    • My mum generously gave me the book as it’s a Virago and she knows I enjoy those titles. I’d not heard of it before, but now I’ve read the blurb on the back cover, it sounds right up my alley. Glad to hear from a fellow reader of such off-the-track titles! Thank you.

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