Happy New Year!

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Well, all things good have to come an end (as they say), and Christmas/holiday break is no different. After a week off of delightfully doing not much, it’s now back in the office and back into the work routine. I really enjoyed my time off although I seem to have precious little to show for it, except that Nova Dog is now pretty good at catching her tennis balls. 🙂

I had planned to do lots of reading, but my eyeball wasn’t doing very well, health-wise, so I couldn’t do that half as much as I had hoped to do. I did pick up and put down approximately 5,000 different books, but none of them took (plus the eye situation) combined to make fewer literary pursuits.

Image result for netflix hip hopWe did finish up Narcos on Netflix, and now we’re watching season one of Netflix’ Hip Hop Evolution series. (Really interesting, even if you’re not up with (or into) hip hop that much.) I’ve been reminded of artists that I haven’t thought of in years: Afrika Bombaata, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash etc. Now we’re up to the rise of West Coast hip hop (notably with the NWA palaver). It’s really interesting if you like music history…

What did I do instead? Did I use my time wisely and in the most productive manner? Indeed not. 🙂 I spent way too long messing around on-line, I collected loads of stuff in the half-price sales for Christmas stockings, picked up a few Toys for Tots presents, and lost my valued notebook. Sigh. Someone somewhere now has an almost brand new Moleskin notebook with a few of my scribbles in it. Ah well. ‘Tis just a thing, and I have another so life continues moving forward…

This time last year, I was recovering from brain surgery and we’d just had 13 inches of snow. (The snow fall was apocalyptic for this area, so the city more or less shut down for a few days. It was great. I know people in the northern states may smirk at this, but down here, that snow’s quite rare stuff so it was a pretty big deal.)

So, no snow and no brain surgery means the New Year is already off to a good start! I’m thinking that my One Word for the year will continue with last year’s word (Curate) as it worked really well. I chose “curate” as it means, to me, careful editing of what comes into and out of your life, and this has a wide variety of applications in my head (not just people and things). So I’m looking ahead at that, and just working towards improving the world in my reach by being kind, honest, and courageous.

So, Christmas was fun and I got recharged from some heavy work hours prior to then. I slept some. I napped some. I dozed some. I worked out. I took Nova Dog for walks and practiced learning “fetch” and “drop”. Took some photos for the first time in a long time, eye notwithstanding, and now work is in full swing.

Life is good. I hope that you can say the same.


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