Things on Cowboy’s Head – Guest Post


(Above) – Fergus Cat studiously ignoring the tall human being hovering right behind her whilst she’s in her flower pot on the front step. She is, clearly, an expert at CAT-ting.

This is Fergus, one of Cowboy’s room-mates. Fergus is as sweet as can be, until you cross her (in her eyes) and then she has a very hot temper. If there is ever some misunderstanding between the kitties, you can almost guarantee that Fergus is in the mix somewhere.

She is also really chatty (lots to say), and likes to pretend to be feral and disappear for a couple of days, and when she’s had enough of that, she turns up on the door step and comes in to sleep like a log for about 20 hours.

She’s a sweetheart to the humans though. 🙂


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