Words New to Me…


It’s been a while since we’ve had a “Words New to Me…” post, but I’m reading Thomas Hardy and his vocabulary is enormous!! Here are some words new to me lately…

  • Madder – red color (in this case, related to stains from plants)
  • Apple-blooth – not sure. Linked with apple blossom perhaps as a lot of refs are to nature…?
  • Logy – dull, sluggish
  • Uz – reference to one of biblical Abraham’s sons (?)
  • Niaiserie – silly or foolish talk or behavior
  • Rozums – not sure, but was in reference to an intelligent person… Any ideas?
  • Pummy (something has been “churned into a pummy”) – dialect word for “pomace” which refers to solid remains of grapes and other fruit after pressing for juice or oil
  • Paltered – to act in an insincere way or to lie
  • Thermidorean – ref. to a coup d’état within the French Revolution against its leaders (late 1700’s). Uncertain how this connects to text though…
  • Ethiopic – refers to ancient language of Ethiopa
  • Antionomianism – one who rejects society-established morality in favor of biblical ideas
  • dapes inemptae – (Latin) homegrown produce or unbought feast

(From Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy – 1891.)


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