Warm books for a cold day…

I was just thinking about an earlier post I had written which listed some cooler book selections for readers who live in a hot climate and since today is a little cool for here, I thought I would flip that script and do warm books for those who live in a cooler climate and are looking to raise their body temps a little!:

What do you think? Do you have any ideas of any other book titles to add that can spirit readers to a warmer place?

5 thoughts on “Warm books for a cold day…

  1. Great list! Barracoon and Born a Crime were both so good. I’ve had The Devil’s Highway on my list forever, it feels like, and never get around to it. Good to know you think so highly of his writing!

  2. I actually read Dan Simmon’s The Terror in the midst of the coldest part of winter and because it took place somewhere even colder than I was I felt warmer because things could be so much worse! 😀

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