Reading Review: April 2021

The reads for April 2021 included:

  • Life After Life – Kate Atkinson (F). Loved this and plan on reading more Atkinson.
  • The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin (NF). Meh.
  • Bird: DK Eyewitness Books (NF). I’m starting to get into a bit of birdwatching but I’m a big novice right now. Thought I’d learn some basic facts.
  • Evil Under the Sun – Agatha Christie (F)
  • Living, Loving, and Lying Awake – Sindiwe Magona (F/short stories). OK.
  • Belfast Diary: War as a Way of Life – John Conroy (NF/history/geog). Pretty interesting how it “normalizes” a war-torn society and culture.
  • Suburban Sahibs: Three Immigrant Families and Their Passage from India to America – S. Mitra Kalita (NF). OK.
  • Sharks in the Time of Saviors – Kawai Strong Washburn (F). Despite my aversion to short stories, these worked. Plus it’s on a list of Favorite Reads by President Obama.
  • A Gentleman in Moscow – Amor Towles (F). Loved this. Definitely going to read more Towles.
  • Dinner ASAP – Cooking Light (NF/cooking). I’ve been cooking some of these recipes – very good and not too complicated for this neophyte chef.
  • All Creatures Great and Small – James Herriot (NF/memoir). Just a good read.
  • Freddie and Me: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody – Mike Dawson (GN/autobio). Fairly typical teenaged angst for GNs.  

So to the (rather obsessive!) numbers:

  • Total number of books read in April 202112.
  • Total number of pages read 3,656 pages (av. 305). 
  • Fiction/Non-Fictionfiction / non-fiction. 0 plays.
  • Diversity 3 BIPOC. books by women.
  • Library books vs. books I owned (and thus removed from the home abode): library books, owned books (whee!) and e-books.

Plans for May 2021 include continuing to include more BIPOC writing on my list. Continue this pace of reading and continue this streak of reading more from my own TBR as opposed to those titles from the library. Sounds pretty doable to me. Plus – it’s the end of the semester and I’m off for the summer. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reading Review: April 2021

  1. I think in your stats you mean total books read in April? Threw me off there for a second because time has gone wonky during COVID but I didn’t think it had gone that wonky 😀 A good month! And yes, I agree, All Creatures Great and Small is indeed a good read. made me want to be a vet until I got to college and talked to a couple of vets and found out what their days are actually like.

    • Haha. Thanks for that. Copy-and-paste strikes again. 🙂 And funny you wrote about how Herriot’s books influenced you. My twin and I read every single one.

  2. I just read two of Sindiwe Magona’s autobiographies, ‘To My Children’s Children’ and ‘Forced to Grow’ because I had these short stories you’ve just read on my radar and I didn’t really know much about her. Now that I do I’m even more interested to read her fiction, she is an extraordinary woman and the story of her childhood, young motherhood and becoming involved in issues that affect women leading to a position with the UN is a story that so deserves to be shared.

    I also find it wonderful to learn that since her retirement she is dedicated to writing children’s stories, bringing her learning to the young audience for whom these messages can make a real difference.

    • Interesting. I am not familiar with her as a person but she sounds as though she’s had a fascinating life. I’ll have to track down the titles that you mention. Thanks for doing that!

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