Travels: Caprock Canyons, Texas.

Arriving at the edge of Caprock Canyons… Cowboy Country.
Buffalo/Bison roam freely throughout the park. We’re warned not to approach them: they weigh as much as a truck, can run >30 mph, can jump a fence six feet high, and swim. There’s no outrunning them if you’re a puny human (or an excitable German Shepherd, for example). 🙂
Here’s the “excitable German Shepherd” mentioned above in reference to leaving the buffalo alone! She had no idea what she was seeing, but they were really interesting for her.
Trust me. You don’t want to get stuck with one of the cactus spines… They are almost as long as a human finger and REALLY pointy-sharp.
One of the species of less-lethal flora that abound in the canyon at this time of year…

Cowboy says she’s missed you…

Cowboy looking interested in things.

Poor Cowboy. She’s been in the wars lately.

She’s just had a lot of her teeth extracted, so she dribbles a little bit right now (until she gets used to having the extra space in her mouth). Not only did she undergo dental surgery, she also caught conjunctivitis and a bad cold and cough. 

So now, she’s not only got a sore mouth, she also has to suffer the nightly indignity of being manhandled into a big towel and having two syringes full of medicine jammed in her mouth for the next ten days.

Oh the plus side, she now has bright white sparkling incisors and much better kitty breath!

I hope she’s a forgiving (and forgetful) cat. :-}