New Words to Me…


New words (for me) from reading stuff… Most of this selection is taken from the “Great American Short Stories” book, edited by Corinne Demas (published by Barnes and Noble).

  • Tabouret – either a cabinet or a stool that is portable
  • Roseate – resembling a rose; overly optimistic
  • Pulchitrude – physical beauty
  • Tumbrel – cart carrying prisoners to be executed (usually by guillotine)
  • Septuagesima Sunday (1870) – a 17-day preparation for the season of Lent which is a preparation for Easter. Some countries, it is the start of the Carnival season culminating in Shrove Tuesday.
  • Hoydenism – unladylike or tomboyish behavior
  • Eternal white horses (re: possessions) — ? No idea about this one…
  • Sybarite – person devoted to luxury and pleasure
  • Conge – act of taking leave, farewell
  • Lares and Penates (myths) – gods who protected the household (Roman); another name for the actual valuables within a household
  • Espiegle (French) – word for prankster, rogue
  • Desuetude – condition of not being used
  • Old Christmas Day (1802) – not sure. The story referenced “New Christmas Day” which implies, perhaps, a change in calendar dates or something?
  • Sibyl – prophetess or woman who divines. Greek.

So, presumably, it sounds like one could say “There is a pulchitrudious hodynistic Sibyl sitting on the tabouret waiting for the tumbrel”? 🙂

“Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap…” George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).