Fridays are more fun with puns…






Fridays are more fun with puns…


I must apologize for that slightly random post about assignments that went out yesterday. My students are required to put a portfolio together on WordPress, and I wanted to show them how to do that. I COMPLETELY forgot that it would go out to all my bloggie friends, so I hope you’ll forgive me that error.

On the plus side, you now know what the student portfolio should look like on WP! 🙂

Normal service has been resumed.



Things on Cowboy’s Head: Guest Post


This is Diablo (above). From her moniker, you can get an idea about Diablo but she’s had a rough life so can’t really blame her. She’s in safe hands now, but Cowboy Cat is the only person in the world who can really understand Diablo’s somewhat “complicated” (shall we say) personality… Diablo does her best though. Aah. Bless…. 🙂