Traveling: Ruidoso, New Mexico


We happen to have some great friends who invited us to share their cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico, over Memorial Day. It was great fun and I also happened to spot some curious signs as we drove our way and around town. There was also a large meeting of the Bandidos, although we weren’t invited to their hang-out…. 🙂

So thought I’d share some of these finds with you:


Seen in store window downtown.

(Above) – Appropriate for the area, methinks…


(Above) – Groaning of my writing soul….


Above – Using apostrophes comes with responsibility… 🙂




I certify that all the above signs are truth… 🙂

And the local bookshop was great. Props to Books Etcetera for implementing their Book Blind Date idea…


So, of course I had to buy a book (Support a local independent bookstore today!) I ended by buying New Yorker editor’s “Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen” by Mary Norris. Joy in my heart!

ALERT: Broken Spell Check and Strange Grammar Outbreak…

These are just some of the signs that I’ve spotted about town in the past few weeks… Enjoy!

Annnyone for a game?

Annnyone for a game?

Oh, semi-colons. Use with caution. Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

Oh, semi-colons. Use with caution. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…

Quotation mark abuse that had to be documented...

Quotation mark abuse that had to be documented…

Sign from a doctor's office -- shimpering, anyone?

Sign from a doctor’s office — shimpering, anyone?

And a slightly odd thing to put on your car: