Signs in the UK…

Saw some interesting signs in England the other day…


(PSPO is the acronym for Public Spaces Protection Orders and the local council can make PSPO if it believes the activities common in that area are detrimental to the local community’s life…)

The book store chain, Waterstones, always has good bookie-related signs. Saw this one:


And then spelling errors are a worldwide epidemic, it seems:

(Above) – The Underground Tube does not seem to believe in full stops (or periods). Drove me a bit batty and it was fortunate that I didn’t have a Sharpie pen with me…. 🙂
In case one gets starving looking for some traditional American food and you are a bit picky, try this place…

And then, although this (below) is not a spelling-related sign, it seems to fit into this post as a rather random aside. My bro arrived home from a day after work bearing chocolate Brussels sprouts (on the right hand side). Obviously, this is the only way to eat this vile weed. 🙂


And let’s recover from that hideous dietary mistake of the green vegetable with a lovely sign from the wonderful British Library:


ALERT: Broken Spell Check and Strange Grammar Outbreak…

These are just some of the signs that I’ve spotted about town in the past few weeks… Enjoy!

Annnyone for a game?

Annnyone for a game?

Oh, semi-colons. Use with caution. Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

Oh, semi-colons. Use with caution. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…

Quotation mark abuse that had to be documented...

Quotation mark abuse that had to be documented…

Sign from a doctor's office -- shimpering, anyone?

Sign from a doctor’s office — shimpering, anyone?

And a slightly odd thing to put on your car:


I’d like a large serving of typos please…

Superhero and I are big believers in giving our consumer dollars to small local businesses when possible and so we went out to a new restaurant in town. As I scanned the menu, I happened to notice this:



And this:


And this popped up:


With this one being my favorite:


I’m not going to name names, but this was a particularly high achieving menu writer, I think.